Loose cannons


March of progress

"Forbes reports in its July 28 issue that it limited the list of billionaires this year to the top 200 because the rapid rise of the global economy and stock markets has produced nearly 500 billionaires worldwide. There were ... just 96 when the magazine started the rankings 10 years ago." — Progressive Populist.


"Mr [Max] Moore-Wilton, who is Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet ... admitted the major benefit of privatising government services was that the private sector was not required to be accountable." — Sydney Morning Herald, August 7.

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Tax deductible?

"When placed in command, take command ... Do the right thing." — The "two secrets for leadership in the 21st century", as given to a Sydney audience of 9200 business people, who paid up to $2500 to hear them from US retired general Norman Schwarzkopf.

Job creation

"Most French executives say radical labor-market changes are needed, including cuts in welfare payments and more freedom to fire employees, if the country is to make significant gains in creating jobs." — International Herald Tribune.

Tell John Howard

It's a "complete furphy for people to think there is some simple and easy solution to unemployment by reducing the wages of somebody else". — Industrial relations minister Peter Reith, after an unknown person slipped truth serum into his coffee.

Plus they might be killed

"Few school leavers today whish to join an institution steeped in snobbery and where a glass ceiling will be placed upon their career prospects on account of their social class." — British army Major Eric Joyce on the difficulty of recruiting soldiers.