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McSpotlight (http://www.mcspotlight.org /) — An on-line interactive library of information and communication on everything that McDonald's don't want the public to know. Compiled by a huge team of volunteers working from 14 different countries, McSpotlight combines text, graphics, video and audio into a readily accessible package that can be used by campaigners, journalists, researchers, scientists and surfers alike — not to mention McDonald's customers and employees who want to know the truth. The McLibel Trial and the issues at its heart — diet and health, destruction of the environment, animal welfare, exploitation of children through advertising and workers through low pay — provide the focus for the site. The McLibel Two, Helen Steel and Dave Morris, have stood up and fought against McDonald's attempts to bully and intimidate the company's critics into silence. McDonald's own customers and employees may well find it impossible to ever walk through the Golden Arches again after visiting McSpotlight! Cubaweb (http://www.cubaweb.cu/) — A look at Cuba as never seen before. Available in English and Spanish languages. Index includes: news; travel and tourism; Cuban medicine and science; sample publications; arts and treasures; trade, imports and exports; investment opportunities; consular directory; Cuban e-mail directory; and Cuban people and culture. Fight the net censors! — Fighters for freedom of cyber-speech should keep an eye on the web sites maintained by Centre for Democracy and Technology (http://www.cdt.org/), Electronic Frontier Foundation (http://www.eff.org/), Electronic Privacy Information Centre (http://www.epic.org/) and Wired magazine (http://www.h otwired.com/special/indecent/). Democracy Works (http://www.al ternet.org/an/demworks.html) — The US Institute for Alternative Journalism has launched a website that "highlights news from organisations fighting intolerance and far right political trends, provides links to other progressive web sites, and features some of the best alternative journalism". The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (http://www.g aytrek.com/gaytrek/glaad.html) — GLAAD challenges homophobia in and through the mass media. GLAAD is an non-profit, volunteer-based, membership organisation dedicated to cultural advocacy and media activism. GLAAD promotes the fair, accurate and diverse representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives. Doonesbury (http://www.doonesb ury.com/main.html) — Gary Trudeau's cult comic strip is on the web. The site includes an archive of Doonesbury cartoons.