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Wednesday, July 24, 1996

Birzeit University web site (http://www.birzeit.edu/) — Birzeit University, in the West Bank, has a long history of involvement with struggle of the Palestinian people. Birzeit University is known worldwide for its commitment to the principles of academic freedom and democracy. The site aims to provide information about Palestine, its history and Palestinian organisations. The web site includes: information about Birzeit University; the Birzeit University archives; the Palestine archive. There is also information on summer and winter courses in Arabic and Palestine studies.

Covert Action Quarterly (http://www.caq.com/caq) — Recommended by Noam Chomsky, targeted by the CIA, Covert Action Quarterly has won numerous awards for investigative journalism. It is read around the world by investigative reporters, activists, scholars, intelligence buffs, news junkies and anyone who wants to know the news and analysis behind the sound bites and headlines. The WWW version carries on the tradition of exposing the covert operations of government secret agencies. "Much of political and social reality is concealed under mounds of ideological rubble. For years, Covert Action has been clearing it away, giving us insight and just plain information that is invaluable for those who hope to understand the world." — Noam Chomsky.

Cyberdemo against Bridgestone — Join the cybermarchers! As rogue employers go global, workers are responding with a creative new use of the World Wide Web. Behind the cyberdemo is the 20-million-strong International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM). The first target for electronic activists is the tyre giant Bridgestone. July 12 and 13 marked the second anniversary of the largest illegal "replacement" of workers in the history of the US by the company's US subsidiary; 2300 workers were "replaced". More than 500 are still denied jobs. Hence the cyberdemo. A particular strength of the World Wide Web is the ability to set up "hot links" from one Web site to another. "Company network" pages are a feature of the ICEM's web site (http://www.icem.org/ ). ICEM pages provide direct links to the e-mail addresses of top Bridgestone executives and Bridgestone subsidiaries worldwide. The ICEM Bridgestone page provides links to the company's own sites, and gives hints on livening them up. Nor are Bridgestone's major shareholders spared. The ICEM Bridgestone pages list by name the banks and others that have major holdings in Bridgestone.

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