Last Line of Defence


Last Line of Defence screened

By Robyn Marshall

BRISBANE — The International Women's Day Committee held a film night on domestic violence on June 21 at the Schonell Theatre at the University of Queensland, with generous technical help from Feral Arts. Two films were shown to 50 women.

Last Line of Defence, made by Anne O'Casey, is about Heather Osland. Osland has been sentenced to 15 years' jail in Victoria for murdering her husband after years of abuse and beatings from him. Osland appealed to the High Court but was rejected by three votes to two.

This case has had little publicity outside of Melbourne. Since all legal appeals have now been exhausted, Osland's only hope is a petition of mercy to the court.

The second film was about women facing the death penalty in the USA. Perverted Justice reveals that 40% of women on death row had a claim of lesbianism used against them during their trial and that women who are perceived as heterosexual receive lesser sentences than those thought to be lesbian, even for worse crimes.