Know your rights


On July 17, 50 people heard Dr Mohamed Haneef's lawyer, Peter Russo, launch a guide to Australia's "anti-terror" legislation in Bankstown Town Hall.

Anti-Terrorism Laws: ASIO, the Police and You, is produced by the Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network (AMCRAN) and the University of Technology, Sydney's Community Law Centre. It is now in its third edition.

The relentless extension of ASIO and police powers has rendered earlier editions of the pamphlet out of date either before they were launched or even printed.

Zachariah Matthews, from AMCRAN, said the case of Dr Haneef and others show that the new terrorism laws are "open to abuse of power". "AMCRAN encourages Muslims, in particular, and all Australians to know and assert their legal, civil and political rights", he continued.

More information about AMCRAN is available at <>. Copies of the pamphlet are available in English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian and Urdu at the Sydney Resistance Centre or by email request to