Jo Vallentine resigns from Senate


Jo Vallentine resigns from Senate

By Frank Noakes

PERTH — Jo Vallentine has announced her intention to leave federal parliament as of January 31, 1992. A replacement for the Greens (WA) senator will be chosen by a ballot of its members, and the results known in November.

In her seven years as a senator, Vallentine has been an outspoken spokesperson for the progressive side of politics. Displaying the courage of her convictions, she has refused to be silenced, being thrown out of the Senate chamber and being arrested on a number of occasions.

Within the limitations of parliamentary politics, Vallentine has been effective in raising the issues that the major parties would rather have swept under their threadbare and grubby carpet.

Senator Vallentine gave her reasons for resigning as deteriorating health and a desire to spend more time with her family.

But also in line with the healthy precedent set by the West German Greens, of rotating parliamentary positions, she said, "I think it is time to hand the position over ... it is time for someone to have a go with fresh energy." Seven years in parliament were enough, she said.

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