Iraq: the biggest lie of all


John Bonsai (a very small bush) Howard is morally bankrupt, and cannot be trusted. While Saddam Hussein was a nasty bit of work, all of Bonsai's arguments for war were lies.

The US has supported a number of nasty dictators, including the those in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, as part of its flawed foreign policy. The Shah of Iran, backed by the US, killed his own people until they revolted. The US supported Saddam with his war against Iran during the presidency of Bush Senior, and even used WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) — mustard gas supplied by the CIA — against the Iranians with not a murmur from the United Nations. No wonder the Iranians hate the US.

Hussein supported the minority Sunnis, who had the influence and power. Along came Bush and Bonsai Howard to force democracy on the people of Iraq, shifting the privileges from the Sunni to the majority Shiites. The Sunni ran the police force and the army before they were disbanded by the conquering army of the willing. Throw all this together and you end up with a civil war.

Recently, we've seen the graft and corruption of Iraq's oil dollars, supposedly being used for rebuilding. But, as the new hospital's sewerage comes up through the floor of the operating rooms, it's clear that billions of dollars have been spent and still there is scant clean water, electricity and no suitable sewerage system.

While more than 3000 US soldiers have been killed and many more thousands wounded, we cannot forget the hundreds of thousands of dead and injured Iraqis.

It's astounding that the likes of Bonsai, Bush and Blair have never had to fight for their country. Bush did everything possible, with Daddy's help, to ensure he didn't fight in the Vietnam War. Those who never went to war are only too happy to send others.

Bonsai Howard, Bush and Blair should apologise to the peoples of their respective countries. More importantly, they should apologise to the Iraqi people for the killing, maiming and the destruction — all of it based on lies.

What lies are they going to use when the US bombs Iran? Don't be surprised if Bonsai Howard uses his politicised intelligence service, or his compromised federal police, for a re-enactment of the Hilton bombing during APEC and then hold a federal election based around "security" and "terrorism".

Howard cannot be trusted: he handles the truth very poorly.

[Terry Kesby is an organiser with the NSW CFMEU.]