International protesters jailed


International protesters jailed

By Philip Smith

BRISBANE — Nancy Rolfe from Perth is among six international protesters serving 70-day jail sentences in Sarawak following anti-logging protests in early July. The convictions were the first in Sarawak for criminal trespass.

The charges arose after eight protesters from four nations chained themselves to cranes loading a shipment of rainforest timber in the Sarawak port of Kuala Baram.

Another Australian, Anja Light of the Gold Coast, is one of two protester free on bail after pleading not guilty. According to Light's mother, Babette Light, at a recent court hearing the prosecution was unable to establish a prima facie case against Anja because witnesses had so far been unable to corroborate evidence of criminal acts.

Babette Light said the witnesses, mostly workers on a log barge boarded by the protesters, were not annoyed by the demonstration and had clapped and cheered the protesters.

Anja Light and the other activists were detained for about 14 days before being informed of the charges against them.

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