Indonesia: Venezuela solidarity campaign launched

It is not an overstatement that the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela is a shining beacon of hope for struggling masses around the world.

Not only inspiring, the Venezuelan revolution offers many lessons for revolutionaries who are genuinely seeking radical solutions to problems faced by the toiling masses.

With these ideas in mind, a group of left-wing groups and individuals in Indonesia have decided to launch the "Hands Off Venezuela" (HOV-Indonesia) campaign.

Local organisations that have supported and endorsed this campaign include the Working People Association (PRP); the Political Committee of The Poor — People's Democratic Party (KPRM-PRD); Indonesian People Solidarity for Latin America (SERIAL); Rumah Kiri; Ultimus Bandung; and Resist Book.

Many other progressive groups are expected to join as the campaign becomes more and more established.

The invitation letter to groups explained: "HOV-Indonesia is built as an effort to widen the support for the Bolivarian Revolution, as a propaganda tool for socialist programs in Venezuela (its achievements, its process, etc), and as an educational tool for revolutionary movements and labor movements in Indonesia in order to build a revolution in Indonesia."

Like Venezuela, Indonesia is rich in oil, and yet half of its population live on less than $2 a day. Nationalisation of oil as carried out by the Venezuelan government, where the profit is then distributed to the people through social programs, is one of the demands that can also be applied in Indonesia to tackle its dire poverty.

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