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If you like our work, become a supporter. Photo: Alex Bainbridge

Australia’s media is among the most monopolised in the world, with newspaper ownership being particularly concentrated.

Oxford University's Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2016 noted: "Australia has a high concentration of media ownership dominated by News Corporation and Fairfax Media, who together own the majority of national and capital city newspapers."

Since then, media diversity has taken a further hit with Nine’s takeover of Fairfax last year.

Sydney University associate professor Tim Dwyer, who specialises in media studies, said: "This [concentration] places a ceiling on the number of the voices Australians can access in the form of original news.

“Even when performing optimally, the limit of these corporate voices is a constraint on the diversity of news and opinion.

"Why does a diverse print media sector matter?

“Contrary to the misleading celebrations about internet abundance that we all too frequently hear nowadays in the (self-interested) media or claims by their politician fanclubs, there is clear evidence that print media (including online versions of the most popular news brands) remain the dominant source of news for the rest of the news media sector — both traditional (radio, television, magazines, subscription) and new media (online only news sites, and very popular aggregators like Google and Yahoo or portals like Ninemsn)."

In this context of extreme concentration of media ownership, Green Left Weekly stands out as a proudly independent voice committed to human rights, global peace, environmental sustainability, democracy and equality.

By printing the news and ideas that the corporate media won't, GLW helps exposes the lies and distortions of the powerful and contributes to a better understanding of the world around us.

Launched by progressive activists in 1991, GLW is Australia's leading radical source of news and analysis on local, national and international events.

GLW also provides a much-needed forum for discussion and debate about how to change the world.

Importantly, GLW is a campaigning publication: it aims to strengthen the various social movements — anti-racist, feminist, student, trade union, environment, LGBTI, civil liberties, anti-imperialist, and more — through linking issues and letting people know how they can join with others to take action for change.

By giving a voice to progressive ideas, by sharing a wide range of views, by linking issues, campaigns and activists, and by letting people know how they can get involved, GLW makes an important contribution towards the development of a more just and democratic world.

As a grassroots publication, GLW survives on the dedication, generosity and support of its readers — readers like you.

During the first two weeks of August, GLW will be running a supporters campaign. We want to encourage everyone who values the role that this “people-powered media” project plays to contribute to maintaining and expanding it — in whatever way they can, big or small — by becoming a Green Left Supporter.

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