Hundreds celebrate Alistair Hulett's life


A memorial for left-wing musician Alistair Hulett was held on February 14 at Sydney's Gaelic Club.

There were performances of Hulett's songs from musicians, including Steph Miller (ex-Roaring Jack, Hulett's band in the 1980s). Darren Whitaker performed the Roaring Jack song "Lads of the BLF".

The event also included political tributes from campaigns Hulett supported.

Speakers at the memorial included Tim Anderson, who was framed for the Hilton bombing, about which Hulett wrote the song Roaring Jack song "Framed".

Claude Sandaljian, chair of the Cockatoo Island Shop Committee during the 14-week occupation of the dockyard in 1989, spoke about the dispute. Hulett gave unstinting support to the workers.

A message was read from Vikki John, a long-time activist and friend from the Free Bougainville campaign. Sandra Bloodworth, like Hulett a founding member of Socialist Alternative, spoke on their many years of comradeship.

During an open mic, more people paid tribute to the singer, including condolences from the Socialist Alliance.

The memorial finished by singing the song that Hulett always played when he ended his performances — "The Internationale". The Gaelic Club donated the use of its premises for the event.