High school walk-out called


High school walk-out called

By Aimee Lipscombe and David Steinberg

MELBOURNE — Resistance is calling on high school students to walk out of class and join the education national day of action rally at the Museum at 1pm on August 20.

Students across Australia are angry at the constant barrage of Liberal government anti-youth policies. These began with increases to HECS fees, and now include attacks on the youth dole, homeless allowance and increasing university fees. Those who are going to be most affected by these cuts, high school students, must take action.

Resistance, the socialist youth organisation, has been busily producing its Student Underground magazine to inform young people about the attacks. Student Underground is supporting the national day of action for education with its demand "No fees, no cuts!".

Most students can't afford to buy their degrees, and we can't sit on our hands and say nothing. If you too want to speak out against injustice in tertiary and secondary education, rock up to day of action rally to show the Liberals that we're not going to let them get away with it.