Help us get Green Left out there

Green Left Weekly distributor Emma Field.

Green Left Weekly is running a special campaign to get the paper out there and involve more people in the distribution.

Green Left gets no sponsorship from corporations or government so everything we do is dependent on the volunteers who donate their time writing, producing, fundraising and distributing the paper.

Emma Field from Hobart helps campaign with Green Left because she can see the role the paper plays in educating people about the issues we face, such as racism, global warming and equality for LBGTI people.

“If people are more aware, they can join up in solidarity to make a difference and eventually we can take down the capitalist system,” Field told Green Left Weekly.

The campaign has already made a difference with more people getting involved as a result.

You could help by taking a small bundle to distribute to friends, family or workmates. Taking out a subscription for yourself or a friend is another way to make sure Australia’s best social justice newspaper gets out more widely.

If you can help, contact your local Socialist Alliance branch or phone the Green Left’s distribution office on 1800 634 206.

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