Guatemalan unionist tortured


Guatemalan unionist tortured

Otto Ivan Rodriguez, former general secretary of STINDE, the electrical utility workers' union in Guatemala, was captured by security forces on April 5. He has been visited by Guatemala's human rights ombudsman who, according to some reports, confirmed that he was tortured.

STINDE recently called on the people to resist a 300% increase in electricity rates proposed by the government.

Messages demanding Rodriguez's release and holding the Guatemalan government responsible for his physical safety can be sent to:

Colonel Ricardo Mendez Ruiz, Ministro de Gobernación, Telex 305-585 MINGOB GU; fax 502-2-518105;

President Jorge Serrano, Telex 305-5331 CAPRES GU; fax 502-2-537472 or 519702.