Greens call for mobile medical clinics


The Greens are calling for state-of-the-art mobile medical clinics as a means of extending city-based services to rural and remote areas of NSW. The call is part of the Greens' NSW election policy for health, launched by MP Sylvia Hale on March 16.

Hale points to the New Zealand example, where a mobile surgical services and tele-presence unit — basically a semi-trailer medical clinic — travels to rural and remote areas. "Around 300 procedures can be carried out in the unit. For more difficult procedures, a web-link is set up so surgeons can communicate with specialists in major hospitals", she said.

The Greens' policy targets five key areas neglected by the NSW Labor government: mental health, dental services, Aboriginal health clinics, rural and remote medical services and preventative health services targeted to low-income groups. "We need to address the disadvantage that contributes to health problems amongst rural, regional, low-income and Indigenous groups", Hale said.