Green Left Weekly soccer championship


Green Left Weekly soccer championship

By Jorge Jorquera

PERTH — May 28 was the inauguration of the Green Left Weekly Soccer Championship at Perth College oval. It proved a successful fundraising event for GLW, and provided exercise and entertainment for the participants.

Early rain made the field a bit slippery, but it was no dampener on the spirit and determination of the teams. Five teams of six players participated, including one from the International Women's Day collective, the Goddesses, and the spirited Absolutely No Coordination team, ANC for short.

The first game of the championship was won by the Goddesses, who scored two goals to the ANC's one. A player from the Murdoch University team, Communist Refoundation, scored a goal in the belief that the proper match had not yet started.

The University of Western Australia team unfortunately incurred an injury but came back in their next game with a win over the Superleague team.

Communist Refoundation met Superleague in a hard fought battle for the final honours. The match went into extra time, in which Superleague scored and claimed the title of first winners of the Green Left Weekly Soccer Championships. The winners received individual medals with the championship honours inscribed.