Green Left Weekly fighting fund: Confronting the right wing


You may have seen the photo in last week's Green Left Weekly of the right-wing "Tea Party" movement supporter in Washington DC. The placard he was holding said, in reference to President Barack Obama, "Impeach the Muslim Marxist". The article discussed the rise of right-wing politics in the US.

In another recent GLW article, Simon Butler noted that climate denial is experiencing a resurgence in Australia and some other developed nations, despite the fact that "no climate denier has published a peer-reviewed article in a scientific journal in the past 15 years".

Now you may be thinking the far-right are whacky — and fair enough. But why are they on the rise? Because they are so darn logical and make so much sense? Not unless 2 plus 2 now equals 47.

People are experiencing real problems, fears and grievances, yet governments continue to prioritise the wellbeing of corporations. The US "tea baggers" have focused a lot of their protests on the multi billion-dollar bailout of big banks. However, the conservatives' solutions would strengthen, not weaken, corporate power.

Climate deniers have drawn a lot of attention to the fact that Kevin Rudd's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme will cost taxpayers billions yet will not significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions. The left needs to counter the pernicious solutions conservatives offer by providing real solutions. Solutions that put people and the planet before profit.

But we also need to get organised and that takes money, time and effort. The far-right is very well-funded, to say the least. We need to be as organised as they are.

So this is an appeal to reason. Please help GLW combat the irrationality of the far-right. Help us in the struggle for socially just and logical solutions to the problems created by the capitalist drive for profit. If we don't organise to convince the hearts and minds of millions of people, the far-right certainly will.

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