Good news (for a change)

Newcastle Uni cuts ties with Broadspectrum

The University of Newcastle will cut its controversial $88 million contract with Broadspectrum, the company responsible for running Australia’s detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island.

A university spokesperson confirmed it had “reached agreement” with Broadspectrum to “progressively transition out of the current maintenance and facilities services contract before the end of the year”.

It comes less than two years after the university signed a five-year management and maintenance contract for its campuses, prompting widespread protest from students and staff

For more on the campaign see this article.

Bob Day and Rod Culleton must repay Senate

The former Family First senator Bob Day and former One Nation Senator Rod Culleton have been told to repay the money paid to them when they were Senators.

Day resigned in November over the liquidation of his building companies but the High Court ruled unanimously last month that he was ineligible to be a senator because he had an “indirect pecuniary interest” in an agreement with the Commonwealth. The court found Day was ineligible from February 26. He was paid close to $130,000 between then and his resignation in November.

The High Court unanimously ruled in February that Culleton was not eligible to stand for the Senate at the time of his election in July 2016 because of a larceny conviction.

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