Global day of solidarity for Iran marked in Sydney

Part of the human chain supporting the Iranian uprising and imprisoned LGBTIQ activists. Photo: Rachel Evans

More than 1000 Iranians and supporters took part in a moving global protest on October 29 in Victoria Park. They formed a human chain to support Iran’s unfolding revolution. More than 140 cities across the globe participated.

The Sydney organisers used a powerful sound system to broadcast songs of resistance and organised chants which carried into a nearby suburb.

Small human chains formed around a massive Iranian flag before the crowd formed a human chain around the whole park.

The Aboriginal flag, the trans-rainbow progress pride flag, a Ukrainian flag and Australian flag were also held by participants.

Pride in Protest held placards calling on the Iranian regime to release two LGBTQ activists Zahra Seddiqi Hamedani and Elham Choubdar from death row. British LGBTQ activist Peter Tatchell tweeted his support for the Iranian democracy movement and the struggle to free the activists.

[Another action The Time Has Come: Freedom Rally for Iran is being organised at Martin Place on November 5 at 2.30pm.]