Get your Stop Bush Bag!


On August 17, activists organising the September 5 national student walkout against US President George Bush's visit to Sydney launched a "Stop Bush Bag" containing items to help publicise the student strike.

The kit will include such things as:
•chant sheets
•"know your rights" handbooks
•an umbrella (just in case)
•water and snacks

The Stop Bush Bags were developed in response to an initiative by the City of Sydney Council, which has been encouraging people to prepare a "go bag" in case of a terrorist attack.
These bags, according to the council's advice, should contain such items as disposable gloves and a radio to listen to emergency broadcasts.

Resistance member Simon Cunich told Green Left Weekly that "Using the 'go bag', Sydney Council has been promoting a climate of fear in the lead-up to Bush's visit in order to discourage people from protesting. The Stop Bush Bag aims to give people the confidence to tell Bush where to go."

High school student Daniel Cofter said the Stop Bush Bags are "a message to George Bush that we are not going to put up with his rotten regime. They are a symbol of solidarity between those who are willing to stand up to the oppressors in the name of the oppressed."

For more information about the student walkout or to get a Stop Bush Bag, phone Simon on 0438 297 552 or Lauren on 0403 767 253.