Gaza Freedom March activists speak


SYDNEY — Six Gaza Freedom March activists presented a moving account of their experiences of trying to get into Gaza late last year at a Stop the War Coalition public meeting on February 15.

Donna Mulhearn, Martin Reusch, Vivienne Portzolt, Ann Cunningham, Antony Lowenstein and Marlene Obeid spoke about the protest, which was held a year after the 2008-09 Israeli assault on Gaza. "The Australian delegation was a 'mean team'", Mulhearn said. Mulhearn was one of the few who finally managed to take some supplies into the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian government prevented the marchers from entering Gaza, including through brute force. But a combination of protester persistence, good media and legal work ensured that the story went international, further isolating the Israeli apartheid government.

Another meeting with the Gaza Freedom Marchers will be held in Bankstown in March. Visit for details.