Free the Five

Wednesday, December 3, 2003

To the land of liberty
They came in freedom's name
They came out openly
To expose the villain's game

From Miami's emigres
"The Brothers" came in '96
Their goals your power play
To injure and impoverish

Free the Five, free the Five

So five infiltrated gangs
To expose conspiracy and truth
They put up their hands
To shake off terror, find the proof

Free the Five, free the Five

Our companeros' sacrifice
To help the people stop and see
The basic right of self defence
Against terror and hypocrisy

Free the Five, free the Five

While you fight on foreign shores

So you say to preserve the peace
You sponsor or just ignore
Your home-grown terrorists

Now they rot in US jails
Waiting for their just release
While your politics still prevails

Over courts protecting terrorists


The US Committees to Free the Five have launched a campaign to raise US$50,000 to place a full-page advertisement in the New York Times to raise awareness of the detention of five Cuban citizens jailed in the US for "espionage" and to campaign for their release. Their only crime was to try to prevent terrorist attacks on Cuba. To offer support, or for more information about the Cuban Five held unjustly for the past five years in US prisons, please contact <> or go to <>.

Donations can be made by cheque or direct deposit. Send cheques to: Australia Cuba Friendship Society Western Suburbs, "NY Times ad", PO Box 3275, Liverpool NSW 2170. Cheques or cash can be directly deposited into: Australia Cuba Friendship Society Western Suburbs account; account number: 22196 10551367; account type: savings; bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

From Green Left Weekly, December 3, 2003.

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