Free Burma conference


Free Burma conference

MELBOURNE — To mark the 10th anniversary of the 1988 pro-democracy uprising in Burma, the All Burma Students Democratic Organisation is holding an Activists' Conference for a Free Burma here on July 18-19 at Ridley College, 160 the Avenue, Parkville.

August will be the 10th anniversary of the national uprising that involved tens of thousands of students, monks and civilians in Burma's cities, towns and villages. The uprising caused the collapse of General Ne Win's 26-year dictatorship.

Military rule continues under the State Peace and Development Council (formerly SLORC) regime, however activism for democracy continues in Burma. Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has spearheaded an international campaign which has successfully initiated boycotts of companies dealing with Burma.

The conference aims to bring together activists, specialists and the public for two days of discussions on the future of Burma, and to develop effective strategies for the campaign for democracy.

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