FORUM: Brazil at a crossroad; the campaign for democracy



6:00am Wednesday 02 May
12:45pm Tuesday 03 April


Brazil at a crossroad; the campaign for democracy

Brazilians current president Temer is enacting a militarisation of Brazil. Ten human rights activists have been murdered in the last five months, including prominent socialist, lesbian councilor Marielle Franco. 

Alongside this attack on democracy is a vicious privatization campaign aiming to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich. 

Brazilians are responding through mass protests, including hundreds of thousands rising up demanding justice for Marielle Franco. 

Speakers: Nadyne Piotto: Brazilian community Sydney and Federico Fuentes, Green Left Weekly journalist, author of Latin America's Turbulent Transitions

Hosted by Green Left Weekly, Socialist Alliance, Latin American Social Forum

Time: 6-9pm, tasty meal available
Location: Resistance Office, 22 Mountain St, Ultimo
Contact: Rachel 0403 517 266

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