First CD from Chain of Hearts


First CD from Chain of Hearts

Come On In
Chain of Hearts
Reviewed by Kylie Budge

Chain Of Hearts' debut CD catches you by surprise. The photograph on the cover of band members thrashing around in a pool complete with a big orange floating plastic mattress strikes you as an interesting publicity concept. This photographic image, combined with the rather kitsch sounding name, Chain of Hearts, tends to make you a little wary from the outset.

Is this a cheap, teeny-bopper outfit who sign trashy pop? Fortunately no, so don't let image be a barrier to listening to this band's first CD.

What you get with Chain of Hearts is a lively collection of five songs, which includes the up-beat and catchy title track, "Come On In". The musical flavour is quirky, tongue in cheek, country/rock.

Chain of Hearts is lots of fun and certainly worth catching live. The CD launch at Kinselas in Sydney on October 19 underlined the potential of this eclectic group of talented musicians. The captivating musical arrangement profiles a front line of talented women performers, including Kathy Bluff on violin and vocals, Mary Lou Thorp on guitar and vocals and Pammy Jo Drysdale on accordion and vocals.

Fans of Sydney's now defunct Scarlet Rose will be familiar with many of the faces from Chain of Hearts and will be happy to hear they're back in this new formation. Have a listen to this CD, and if you live in Sydney, try to catch them live.