Extinction Rebellion targets News Corp’s bull with shit

Photo: XR Sydney

On September 4, in a coordinated disruptive action, Extinction Rebellion (XR) took its message to quit the bullshit and tell the truth about the climate and ecological emergency to News Corp’s doors in Surry Hills.

“News Corp continues to fan the flames of global heating. The world has had enough. News Corp must heed its moral obligation to humanity, stop promoting the destruction of the planet and tell the truth”, said XR spokesperson Larissa Payne.

“News Corp lies about the climate and ecological emergencies. They platform denialists, disseminate fake news and function as a mouthpiece of the fossil fuel industry.

“This creates a cesspool of misinformation, manufactures consent for the mining industry and governments captured by fossil interests, despite the majority of Australians wanting meaningful action on the climate.”

XR said the climate emergency is “humankind’s greatest existential threat” and that, as such, the topic should dominate News Corps front pages.

The protest in Sydney followed the arrest of Extinction Rebels for blocking the News Corp printing press in Brisbane the previous night.