Elections 2010: Policies compared from Left to Right

Sick of the manipulative, increasingly policy-free barrage of major party negative advertising in the race to the August 21 Australian federal election? Here are some antidotes:

First, check out the table below comparing the policies of Socialist Alliance with that of the Greens, ALP and Liberals: Policy comparison from Left to Right compiled by Dick Nichols.

Second, have a look at the independent Vote Climate survey on which parties the best policy on on climate change.

Third, challenge your friends and family to use the independently created Vote-o-matic to see which party they actually should support in this elections. They may be surprised at the results.

2010 Federal Election Policy Comparison


The demand for free public transport will undercut the campaign to bring back tram conductors and increase staffing of stations. Public transport employees are constantly in the public glare. Union members simply wouldn't feel secure in their jobs if they were often seen to be not terribly busy and no longer raising revenue. In fact they would be regularly scapegoated and harrassed as a drain on the public purse. The policy of free public transport fails to orient towards union members' demands. The historic blockade and 20 year strong colourful campaign to bring back connies strongly emphasise the connies' role in ticketing. Let the connies have the last word on this issue: "fares please!"