Ecosocialism 2022 - Melbourne

Conferences & public forums


10:00am to 6:00pm Saturday 08 October


AMWU Office
251 Queensberry St
Carlton VIC 3053


Part of a series of conferences, seminars and forums in October across the country.

Ecosocialism 2022 - Melbourne
Saturday 8 October
10am-6pm, AMWU Office, 251 Queensberry St Carlton and via ZOOM.
Tickets: $30/$10/$5
Workshops and panels on the struggle for a safe climate, workers rights, and international solidarity with the oppressed.

Co-hosted by Green Left and Socialist Alliance.


10am registration opens

10:30am – 12:00pm Session 1: Killer Floods & Heatwaves: Breaking the death grip of Capitalism

Widespread heatwaves and floods have caused massive destruction around the world. This is the direct result of human-induced Climate change. The inherent drive to growth pushed by our capitalist system is directly responsible for the climate disaster we face. This panel will discuss how we can break away from Capitalism destructive tendencies and  fight for a sustainable future.

Sarah Hathway, Geelong no gas, National co-convenor of Socialist Alliance.
Reihana Mohideen - feminist and socialist active with the Party of the Laboring Masses (PLM), Philippines.
Farooq Tariq - Veteran Pakistani socialist

12:00pm – 1:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm – 2:30pm - Multiple sessions

Workshop 1 – Capitalism and War: Nature of Imperialism

The shocking invasion of Ukraine by Russia this year saw armed conflict occur on European territory for the first time in thirty years. Tensions continue to rise between China and the United States, while closer to home, the Australian Government has spent tens of billions of dollars in acquiring nuclear submarines. As aggression and war brews, global leaders seem preoccupied with preserving national interests. How does this connect with capitalism and imperialism – and what can we do to fight for peace in the world?

Chloe De Silva, Socialist Alliance
Mayura Ashok, Socialist Alliance

Workshop 2 - Housing for all: a socialist perspective 

There are over 100,000 homeless people in Australia, and as many as 1 million empty homes. On top of housing speculation, an exploitative rental market and home ownership being nearly unachievable for the average worker, widespread flooding and fires all demonstrate the need for a fundamental change to the way we think about housing. Decades of evidence show that we can't leave housing up to the 'market' so what is the socialist perspective on how we can address the housing crisis?

Angela Carr, Socialist Alliance candidate for Geelong
Arie Huygbrets, Socialist Alliance candidate for Broadmeadows

2:50pm – 5:00pm Closing Session - Capitalism in Crisis: Building Movements for Change

Capitalism today is failing to offer solutions for ordinary people. The wealth of billionaires continues to increase, whilst working people are struggling to pay for the bare necessities due to a cost-of-living crisis. How can we build a genuine mass movement in response that creates the conditions for a real alternative to capitalism?


Sue Bolton, Moreland councillor, Socialist Alliance.

Parames Elumalai, member of PSM (Socialist Party of Malaysia)

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