EC rejects US anti-Cuban bill


EC rejects US anti-Cuban bill

The European Community has announced it will not accept the extension of US territorial jurisdiction over its member nations.

In a letter issued to the US State Department last April and circulated on June 19 by the Cuban mission to the United Nations as an official document of the General Assembly, the European Community expressed concern about the consequences of the Torricelli Bill, now under US congressional scrutiny.

If passed, says the EC letter, this bill will be a drastic economic deterrent for subsidiaries of US firms operating on the continent.

According to the bill, US subsidiaries abroad would be subject to sanctions if they trade with Cuba, and ships involved in trade with Cuba will be barred from entering US ports for a six-month period.

The European Community warned that approval of the bill would have a negative impact on European-US trade relations.
[From Radio Havana/Pegasus.]