'Don't go to war for Packer'



ADELAIDE — On October 29, around 100 people attended a public meeting in Adelaide organised by the Network Opposing War and Racism.

The meeting was chaired by ABC radio personality Julia Lester. David Palmer, senior lecturer in American Studies at Flinders University, spoke about the impact on Australia of the recent bombings in Bali and of the history of the US government's political and economic dominance throughout the world.

Dora Abbas, from the Muslim Women's Association, spoke about the role of the mainstream press in demonising Muslim people, both internationally and in Australia.

Leslie Richmond, from the Socialist Alliance, challenged the idea that Prime Minister John Howard is George Bush's "lap dog" because of his keeness to join Washington's war on Iraq. He pointed out that "the ruling class in Australia, which includes the Coalition and ALP leaderships — has the same interests as the US ruling class. They're so keen to be involved because they want to secure a space in the new world order that the US government is trying to establish".

Richmond stressed the importance of solidarity with people around the world. "All of us have more in common with the poorest Iraqi child than we do with Howard, Bush, Packer or Murdoch. The coming war in Iraq will be in their interests, not ours", he said. n

From Green Left Weekly, November 6, 2002.

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