A dinner not to be missed!

Wednesday, July 24, 1996

On August 10, the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance in Brisbane will hold their annual Green Left Weekly dinner. This year, however, it will be bigger and better than usual, for it will mark 10 years since the opening of the new Resistance Centre.

"Establishing the centre represented a watershed for us", says Dave Riley, who was the Democratic Socialist Party organiser at the time. "When everyone else seemed caught up in navel gazing, we registered our confidence and enthusiasm by purchasing this imposing building."

The current DSP organiser, John Nebauer, calls the centre a political institution. "We tend to take it for granted, but an imposing list of activities have been, and are still being, organised here.

"Apart from our frequent dinners and fundraisers for Green Left Weekly, some of the best of Brisbane's alternative music scene have performed at events here. The consistent support the paper has received from these musicians and performers has been excellent."

Over time, the centre has not only been the venue for alternative music and performance, but has also functioned as a major meeting place for left activists.

"This is a special occasion for us", said Samantha Lazarro, who is coordinating the event. "We are going all out to mark our 10 years with a special dinner cabaret. There'll be the usual good food and entertainment, but we are keen to bring together all those who have shared the struggles of the last 10 years with us. It will be a dinner not to be missed!" Ring (07) 325 40565 to reserve a ticket.

And if you live in a different city, keep an eye out for a Green Left dinner coming to your neighbourhood soon! Green Left Weekly — it's your paper.