Daniel Viglietti, legendary Uruguayan anti-dictatorship singer, has died

Daniel Viglietti. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The renowned artist has died aged 78. A beloved singer-songwriter, Viglietti led a generation of great Uruguayan musicians and performers who emerged in the 1960s in creating a unique sound for the era. 

Along with musicians such as Alfredo Zitarrosa and Los Olimarenos, he introduced what became known as the “popular Uruguayan song”. This was linked to the widely popular “Nueva Cancion” — both a genre and a movement. 

Throughout his life, Viglietti remained committed to several causes. In 1972, the singer was jailed for opposing military rule in Uruguay.

Viglietti enjoyed acclaim among thousands of Latin Americans and European alike. Among his admirers was famous left-wing French intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre.

Among his best-known compositions are “A Desalambrar”, “Cancion Para Mi America”, “Milonga de Andar Lejos” and “Gurisito”.

[Abridged from TeleSUR English.]

"A Desalambar (Tear Down the Fences!)" by Daniel Viglietti.