Covid 19 pandemic, the State, and the far right: A left response



6:30pm to 8:30pm Tuesday 24 August


Covid 19 pandemic, the State, and the far right: A left response

Tuesday 24 Aug, 6:30pm via zoom at

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Australia with the surge in cases from the more infectious delta strain in Sydney.

Now that there is a significant outbreak in Sydney, people have shifted their focus onto the Federal government for leaving the population unvaccinated with a slow and mismanaged vaccine rollout.

A concerning development has been the rise of conspiracy theories which view Covid-19 as a hoax or as not being dangerous. 

In a bid to gain popularity, the far right is trying to tap into parts of the community that are disaffected because they believe in the conspiracy theories or are anti-vaxers or business people who have lost income or precarious workers who have lost income and mobilise them into anti-lockdown protests. 

The size of the recent anti-lockdown protests is a symptom of the failure of the big-business dominated federal and state governments to put the health and safety of communities before corporate profits with adequate economic support for unemployed or casual workers.

But how should the left and unions respond to these developments?

Come along to this discussion hosted by Socialist Alliance and Green Left to discuss a left response to these issues.


Sarah Hathway, Socialist Alliance & VAHPA
Anthony Kelly, Melbourne Activist Legal Support (MALS).

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