Council guards threaten



Council guards threaten GLW with violence

By Melanie Sjoberg

ADELAIDE — Progressive groups continue to support Green Left Weekly's struggle for freedom of speech on the city streets here. Despite a well-attended rally in Rundle Mall on June 26, GLW distributors continue to be hassled by Adelaide City Council security officers. In a new development, the clamp down has extended to the railway tunnel, another important GLW distribution point.

On July 3, GLW distributors in the Central Markets were subjected to serious harassment by the security officers. Not content with asking distributors to move on, the officers resorted to verbal abuse and threats of violence.

One GLW activist was threatened with having both her arms broken unless she "moved on". She was told to "get a real job" and told she looked like "scum". GLW supporters rallied to defend the paper and its sellers. Interestingly, the sales rate of the paper leapt as shoppers investigated what was so subversive about GLW that its distributors should be violently victimised.

Security officers called the police after the GLW distributors attempted to discuss the matter further. The police were unwilling to go against the market's policy of banning GLW, but agreed that the security officers' behaviour was inappropriate. The police allowed GLW activists to distribute the paper for the rest of the night.

GLW has attempted to negotiate with the council for several weeks. The council has failed to provide, in writing, the reason for the ban. The only reason appears to be that GLW is left-wing.

Green Left Weekly supporters throughout Australia are urged to contact the Adelaide City Council on (08) 8203 7777, Central Market management on (08) 8203 7494 and Rundle Mall management on (08) 8204 7437 to express support for the right of GLW to be freely available in the streets.

If you want to help GLW beat the ban, phone us on (08) 8231 6982.

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