Community speaks out against racism


Despite freezing weather, 30 people took part in a community speak-out against racism on July 2 in Newtown, in Sydney’s inner-west. Initiated by the Socialist Alliance, speakers included Greens deputy mayor of Marrickville Fiona Byrnes, refugee rights activist Saradha Nathan, Ellouise Davis from the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, Hadi Zaher, Reverend Dave Smith from the Hold Trinity Church in Dulwich Hill, Peter Robson from Stop the Intervention Coalition and Pip Hinman, Socialist Alliance candidate for Grayndler.

The speak-out drew the links between racism and bipartisan racist policies on asylum seekers, war and Indigenous people. Many passers-by signed a large postcard to local Labor MP Anthony Albanese. It will be delivered to his office this week.

Hinman said: “Racism helps sell the outrageous idea that the world's richest nations have a right to make a ridiculous fuss about accepting less than 20% of the millions of people who are made refugees, largely because of the wars their governments are waging.”