Challenging the Liberal agenda

August 14, 1996

Challenging the Liberal agenda

By Jorge Jorquera

PERTH — The Perth and Fremantle branches of the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance are organising a Fight Back Conference for September 14-15 for all those who believe the time has come to fight for our rights.

The conference aims to promote further discussion about strategy and unity of action by those opposed to the Liberal government's neo-liberal agenda. The workshops and panels include: the Liberal attacks and alternatives; organising apprentices, trainees and TAFE students; reconstructing a fighting student movement; defending the public sector and Telstra; "class struggle" versus "consensus" unionism; how can women workers survive Howard; and what organising works.

The final session, an open plenary, will discuss strategies and action plans to mobilise opposition to the Coalition. Fight Back will be held at the CFMEU Building, 102 Beaufort St, Perth. To register or for information call ph/fax 227 7367.