Canberra high school walkout against One Nation


Canberra high school walkout against One Nation

By Jordie Collins

CANBERRA — On July 2, despite school administrations threatening to penalise students, around 120 secondary students participated in an anti-racist walkout. The rally provided a forum for young people to show their opposition to Hanson's One Nation and racism. It was organised by Resistance.

The atmosphere was enthusiastic as various high school students and Resistance members spoke about the views young people hold on racism as well as One Nation's right-wing populist politics.

Speakers included Justine Kamprad, Ema Corro and Kim Bullimore. Students chanted, "Migrants are welcome, racists are not" as an effigy of Hanson was burnt.

Kamprad said, "Young people are fed up with Pauline Hanson and racism, and we will continue to voice our opinions and opposition".

Bullimore commented, "Hanson fails to take into account the effects of the stolen generation, the high unemployment among Aboriginal youth and the Third World living conditions that many of them experience. Do not be mistaken: racism exists in this country, and Pauline Hanson wants to make racism openly acceptable."

Students then led a vibrant march to Liberal Senator Margaret Reid's office to demonstrate against the Liberals' 10-point plan and complicity with One Nation. A list of demands was presented.

Resistance activist Ema Corro said, "The racist policies of One Nation provide no solution to the social problems that we are seeing today; instead they simply scapegoat migrants and Aboriginals. In previous years both Labor and Liberal have also used scapegoating."

Resistance will be organising another walkout on July 24. To find out more, phone 6247 2424.