Campaign to free political prisoner in Chile


Campaign to free political prisoner in Chile

Maria Cristina San Juan was arrested in March 1992 together with her husband and son. Since then she has been accused of terrorism and sentenced to life imprisonment. Currently she is at St Miguel Jail in Santiago.

On October 11, she was admitted to the prison hospital in a critical condition. She is suffering from chronic lupus and has developed other complications including a range of infections, gastritis, bronchitis and depressive anguish syndrome. There is only one general practitioner who visits the prison once a week to see the women.

Casa Chile says that urgent action is required to seek her release. Please send letters and faxes urging an immediate release and that she be granted appropriate medical treatment with dignity and in freedom.

Faxes can be sent to: Ministro de Justicia, Ms Soledad Albear, 56 2 696 6952; Ministerio del Interior, 56 2 690 4000; Camara del Senado, 56 32 23 2654.