Campaign demands abortion charges be dropped


Momentum is building in solidarity with a couple from Cairns who have been charged under Queensland’s anti-abortion laws (see article on page 12). The couple is to face court in Cairns on October 12, and the Pro-Choice Action collective, Women’s Abortion Action Campaign, and Radical Women have issued a call for a National Day of Action to be held on Saturday October 9. The rallies will demand the dropping of the charges, repealing of the anti-abortion laws and free, safe, accessible abortion on demand.

In Perth, a speakout will be held in the Murray St Mall in the city, at 5.30pm on October 9. The speakout will call for the repeal of anti-abortion laws in all states. Abortion is still a criminal offence in some states. Even where it has been decriminalised, it is subjected to regulations that restrict women’s access. In general, it is still illegal for a woman to attempt to do anything to herself to abort a pregnancy.

The action in Perth is being organised by an ad hoc group open to anyone who wants to be involved. It will meet Wednesday September 29, 5.30pm, at the Perth Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St, East Perth. Contact Clare 0421 113 343, Elizabeth 0421 113 343, or Kamala 0417 319 662 for more information.