Campaign against Labor's impending 'U-turn'


By Dick Nichols

SYDNEY — With uranium policy set to dominate the June Federal Conference of the ALP, an umbrella group of antinuclear campaigners, Campaign for a Nuclear-Free Australia, is moving to fight any attempt by the Hawke government to ditch its present "three mines" policy.

The last ALP Federal Conference (1988) passed the uranium issue to a special committee, which received more than 100 submissions, only three of which — all from the uranium industry — supported an extension of mining.

This did not prevent the committee from coming out in support of more uranium mining. The official ALP left faction issued a minority report in support of the present policy.

CNFA has chosen April 26 for its first public meeting, five years to the day since the Chernobyl disaster. The meeting will cover the proposals likely to go to the conference and discussion of campaign strategy and organisation.

All people concerned about stopping the slide towards an open slather uranium policy should attend. (For details, see page 23.)I