CAMBODIA: Sex workers celebrate unity


Allen Myers, Phnom Penh

Several hundred members and supporters of the Women's Network for Unity (WNU), the union of sex workers, gathered on June 28 to celebrate the organisation's sixth anniversary.

The events began on the bank of the Tonle Sap river, in the parking lot of the Womyn's Agenda for Change (WAC), a radical NGO that has assisted the WNU. To lively music, sex workers chanted, sang and marched, carrying posters demanding an end to discrimination against sex workers and attacking the US government's reactionary policy on funding for AIDS treatment.

Farooq Tariq and Amjab Ayub Mirza from the Labour Party Pakistan gave solidarity greetings to the meeting, saying that the work of the WNU would inspire them to encourage the organisation of sex workers in Pakistan.

Solidarity greetings were also given by Jill Hickson and John Reynolds from the Australian Socialist Alliance, who are in Cambodia to make a documentary film about the WNU.

From Green Left Weekly, July 5, 2006.
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