Call for international volunteers in Oaxaca


For more than six months, the people of Oaxaca in southern Mexico have been mobilising to oust the hated state governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. The repression of the uprising has been severe, with ongoing savage attacks — including killings — on movement activists by the military-style Federal Preventative Police.

In response, a group of international solidarity activists are organising a project, similar to one that has been operating successfully in Chiapas, in which international "peace campers" visit at-risk communities in Oaxaca to observe and report on human rights abuses.

In Chiapas, peace camping has worked to reduce the number of abuses in communities and it is hoped that similar results can be achieved in Oaxaca.

Volunteers would need to stay in a community for at least two weeks (accommodation is provided) and be able to speak at least conversational Spanish. People can volunteer as individuals or in groups, and there will be at least two peace campers assigned to a community at any time. Participation is obviously not without risks. However, the situation in Oaxaca is dire, and has been deteriorating further as preparations for municipal elections in August begin. This act of solidarity with the people of Oaxaca can make an immediate difference.

If you are interested in volunteering, or would like more information, email Jaime Quintana Guerrero at <>.