Call to help indigenous hip hop get produced


I am the founder of “Reality Records” and a 24-year-old indigenous Australian with a strong cultural background. I am asking your assistance in helping indigenous artists ― not only from Australia but around the world ― have their music recorded and produced.

I see a shortage of indigenous music around the world, particularly in Australia, and I believe this provides a unique opportunity. My record label aims to help address this shortage by:

• Bringing people together in a positive and creative environment;
• Teaching people new skills and self confidence;
• Promoting a sense of community, cultural identity, and belonging; and
• Providing social media exposure and expanding potential career pathways.

My goal is to discover, promote, develop, record and support talented musicians from indigenous cultures not only in Australia, but around the world. With the right assistance these artists can gain recognition, get their music out there and be heard.

Donations can be made at the Helping Indigenous Music Be Heard page. For more information about Reality Records, our current and upcoming programs, or for any other inquiries, please email or phone 0413 819 144