Business maths


Business maths

"Although the details are secret, it is believed [Comalco] uses more than one-quarter of [Tasmania's] power production and provides about 12% of the state Hydro-Electric Commission's revenue." — Bulletin, October 5.

Catching up with the West

"Anyone planning to do business in Russia should allow for the fact that organised crime will take its cut. There is no distinction between crime and business, and there are no effective laws to remedy the situation." — Business Review Weekly, October 8.


"Many bright [Russian] university graduates have taken jobs as mafia business managers. Peter derby, president of Dialog-Bank, a Russian-American joint venture, says: 'They are joining up as if they were joining a corporation like Coke or Pepsi'." — Business Review Weekly, October 8.

Democratic purge

"Unlike other former communist States, Russia has not held a post-communist election in which unreconstructed communists can be democratically purged and less extreme former communists thoroughly reformed." — Australian editorial, October 5, on "Why world should back Boris".

Only the people are left behind

"This country is off and moving." — Paul Keating, excited by recent rises on the stock market.

The games begin

"The unemployment ravaged municipal area of Auburn will lose almost $7 million in rates ... because the [Olympic] Games site has been exempted from rates ..." — Daily Telegraph Mirror, October 9.