Building workers put ban on McDonald's


No Maccas In Tecoma is a grassroots group campaigning to stop a McDonald’s store being built in the Dandenong Ranges. Hundreds of protesters have been holding a community picket line at the construction site since July 1. Four people are occupying the roof of the building in an attempt to delay construction.

They released this statement on July 4.


The Building Industry Group meeting today convened by the Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) resolved to support the rights of the Tecoma community to protest against what they believe is an inappropriate development.

Building workers in Victoria have a proud tradition of protecting those things that make this state great. All Victorians are able to enjoy the City Baths, the Melbourne Market and the magnificent Regent Theatre because building workers refused to demolish these treasures.

In Tecoma, passionate local protesters are committed to preventing what they see as inappropriate development.

In those circumstances it is not safe to put building workers in the middle. Both in terms of access and egress from the site and in terms of operating large machinery, the work that is required can not be done where there is a constant threat of intruders.

Further, we do not believe that it is reasonable to put building workers in the middle of such a heated debate.

We seek that the Victorian government take a proactive approach to resolving this dispute.

They should convene a meeting of the local council, the local MP, the developer, the VTHC and representatives of the protest group.

All of the parties should be working towards a resolution, and we commit ourselves to participate constructively in that process.”