Brisbane marches for marriage equality

"The Pleb is dead, now let us wed" read one placard at Brisbane's October 15 rally for marriage equality.

More than 600 people marched through the streets in a passionate and determined call for the parliament to simply put the bill and pass the bill.

The pleb is dead now let us wed
The pleb is dead, now let us wed
Front banner on the march
Protesters took to the streets
Free vote now
The message was simple: Free vote now!
The mood was vibrant...
Glitter faces everywhere
...with colour and glitter everywhere.
Marriage Equality now
This Equal Love placard says it all.
Marriage equality now
Marriage is pretty gay
Marriage is pretty gay
My brother married the girl of his dreams
My brother married the girl of his dreams, why can't I?
Front banner on the march
The mood at the front was vibrant
United Voice for marriage equality
Support came from all quarters, this banner from United Voice
Watching the speakers
Watching the speakers
Some warrior princesses marry bards, get over it
Some warrior princesses marry bards. Get over it!