Brisbane CISLAC's 20th anniversary


Brisbane CISLAC's 20th anniversary

By Lynda Hansen.

BRISBANE — Fifty supporters of the Committee in Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean attended its Latin American dance party at the Resistance Centre on April 17. The event was the first of a number of fundraisers to celebrate CISLAC's 20th anniversary.

CISLAC activist Jenni Mays spoke about the committee's solidarity and aid work since its launch in 1979 to support the victorious Nicaraguan revolution. Mays explained that Australians have a responsibility to denounce the government's support for the United States administration in its continued oppression of the popular movements and revolutionary struggles in Latin America.

Victor Umanzor, another CISLAC member and secretary of Australian Aid for El Salvador, spoke about how CISLAC's work has been welcomed by the peoples of Latin America. Videos about the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and CISLAC's aid work in Latin America were shown.

Guatemalan DJ and CISLAC activist Oscar Orellana then had supporters dancing into the night. Funds raised from the event will go to a health project in Cuba and a water tank project in El Salvador.