Brazilians in Sydney protest against Bolsonaro, misogynist frontrunner in presidential poll

Rally near Sydney's Opera House against Jair Bolsonaro on September 30. Photo via the Mulheres Unidas Contra Bolsonaro Sydney Facebook group.

Three hundred Brazilians and their supporters took part in a solidarity action near Sydney's Opera House on September 30 to protest against Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's far-right frontrunner in the October 7 presidential elections. 

It came a day after huge protests across the South American nation’s 27 states were organised against the anti-woman, neo-fascist candidate. 

As well as anti-women and anti-gay comments, Bolsonaro has praised Brazil's previous dictatorship and made veiled threats at overturning election results that don't favour him. He has also made many anti-Black and anti-indigenous statements.

The Sydney solidarity event was organised by Marcela Falcão and Camilla Cotrim, working with the Women against Bolsonaro group, Brazilian group Justiça Social na Australia (Social Justice in Australia) and Fruits from Brazil, an LGBTQI Brazilian group in Australia.

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