Brazil: Mobilisations against Bolsonaro gain strength

'Vaccine in the arm, food on the plate and Bolsonaro out!' protest in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Photo: Jorge Leão/Peoples Dispatch

Despite rain, about 750,000 protesters took to the streets of Brazil on June 19 — 25% more than protests last month — to demand “vaccine in the arm, food on the plate and get out Bolsonaro”. According to organisers, demonstrations were held in 400 cities in all states, with trade unions playing a central role.

The trigger for the protests was the alarming statistic that 500,000 people have now died from COVID-19 and about 17.8 million have been infected across the country.

The prediction is that Brazil will face a third wave of infections.

While traditional media has changed its position towards the current government, the elites continue to support the economic agenda of President Jair Bolsonaro.

A “super request” for impeachment is being drafted, bringing together 20 charges against Bolsonaro. A record 122 impeachment requests have been made against him during his term as president.

[Abridged from Brasil De Fato.]