On the box


Actively Radical TV — Community television's progressive current affairs program tackles the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Friday, 10.30pm.
From Spirit to Spirit — Tells the story of a group of Maori women whose craft of weaving mirrors a philosophy of protecting the environment and preserving traditional Maori culture. SBS, September 8, 6pm.
Em I Graun Bilong Yumi: Popular Theatre in Melanesia — Theatre in grassroots communities in PNG, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. SBS, Saturday, September 9, 3.25pm.
Movie: Cabeza de Vaca (1989)— A remarkable depiction of Native American society in the 16th century. SBS, Sunday, September 10, 1am.
Australian Biography: Frank Hardy — Veteran communist and provocative author of many books, including Power Without Glory, the late Frank Hardy was a champion of the battlers. SBS, Sunday, September 10, 4pm.
Conspiracy — A documentary that delves into the 1978 Hilton bombing and who was responsible. The film presents strong evidence of a conspiracy involving ASIO, the army, senior police and politicians to boost the security organisation's flagging public support. ABC TV, Sunday, September 10, 8.30pm.
Compass: Islam is the Solution — A documentary about the background to Islamic fundamentalism, looking at Egypt, a country where the powerful Islamic political movement is on the rise. ABC TV, Sunday, September 10, 10.20pm.
Cinema of Men Who say No — Documentary about the growing number of Israeli artists, writers, film makers and intellectuals whose work is critical of the Israeli state's policy toward the Palestinians. SBS, Sunday, September 10, 11.40pm.
The Cu-Chi Tunnels — After the Cu-Chi area was destroyed by US bombers during the Vietnam War, the local population and National Liberation Front fighters moved underground into an elaborate system of tunnels. Beneath the ground were hospitals, schools, factories and theatres. SBS, Monday, September 11, 11.30pm.
The Resolution — A documentary from Hungary, banned there until 1983. It tells of the workings of the Communist Party at grassroots level. SBS, Tuesday, September 12, 12.30pm.
Great Wonders of the World — The Seregeti in Kenya and Tanzania is the site of an annual migration of millions of animals that has not changed since the dawn of humanity. Also featured are the Himalayas, an awesome sanctuary above the clouds. SBS, Tuesday, September 12, 7.30pm.
Stephen Jay Gould's Seven Wonders of the World — The renowned biologist, evolutionist and humanist presents his personal list of wonders, which includes Darwin's Origin of the Species, Chartres Cathedral, and the concepts of deep time and ceaseless motion. SBS, Tuesday, September 12, 8pm.